Granpah's characteristics :

HP69 448
Stamina36 129
Speed78 292
Attack55 253
Defense61 263
Spe Att72 282
Spe Def66 272
Type(s) :
Granpah is similar to Aerobic Volarend, but with better offensive stats (Special Attack and Speed) with a wider movepool that includes better Wind STABs and very useful support moves : Turbo Choreography, Hypnosis and Willpower Drain.
Granpah is very linear offensively (Wind spam) and cannot effectively set up to be a Hyperkinetic Strike sweeper like Aerobic Volarend does. Additionally, both of its abilities are situational.

Granpah's Stamina is really lacking and requires a TV investment, and even Sweatband usage.

List and explanations of strategic sets :

This is an offensive support / staller set, using Turbo Choreography boosts to get a very fast Hypnosis and decent Hyperkinetic Strike damage.

- Hypoxia is a potent turn-one STAB.

- Hyperkinetic Strike uses Speed boosts from Turbo Choreography to become a powerful priority STAB.

- Hypnosis is used to control opposing Temtem. With Granpah's good Speed and boosts from Turbo Choreography, this will outspeed most of the metagame.

A Stamina investment is used to reach a 61 Stamina breakpoint, helping Granpah running different move combinations without overexerting, such as : Hypoxia - Hyperkinetic Strike - Hypnosis - Hyperkinetic Strike or Hypoxia - Turbo Choreography - Hypnosis - Hyperkinetic Strike.

Bully is used instead of Last Rush because it comes into play way more often, and comes in handy to boost Hyperkinetic Strike's burst damage.
Option(s) :
• If Granpah isn't going to lead at all, replacing Hypoxia with Willpower Drain can be an option.
Avantage(s) :
Fastest Hypnosis in the metagame.
Good burst damage and revenge kill potential with Bully and Hyperkinetic Strike.

Warning :
Be careful with Granpah's Stamina to not lose too much HP by overexerting, or to keep some for a key Hypnosis to gain advantage.
This set has been used by Setska, who won the 2020 Roadhouse Rumble. This is a special attacker / stallbreaker set used primarly to check Cerneaf.

- Hypoxia and Tornado are two potent Wind STABs. Tornado's priority is used to outspeed most of the uninvested metagame.

- Willpower Drain greatly harms Stamina-hungry Temtem like Cerneaf and gives Granpah additional Stamina recovery.

- Hypnosis cripples slower Temtem by making them lose 2 turns.

This set runs Sweatband and enough Stamina investment to allow using 3 Wind STABs in a row without overexerting. Special Attack is maximized to deal as much damage as possible with Hypoxia and Tornado. Left TVs are spent into HP for increased bulk. 2 Speed TVs helps getting a Speed tie with uninvested Cerneaf.

Bully is used instead of Last Rush because it comes into play way more often.
Avantage(s) :
Very strong against stall, especially Cerneaf.
Warning :
This set is way slower than the first one, outspeeding less threats with its Hypnosis.
Partners :
Partenaire de Granpah, Partenaire de Granpah, Partenaire de Granpah : Wind allies are important for Turbo Choreography synergy.

Partenaire de Granpah : He's a very strong partner with Granpah, bringing Defense and Special Defense boosts, healing and Turbo Choreography support that it can use well with its own Hypnosis.
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