Kinu's characteristics :

HP47 401
Stamina74 164
Speed74 285
Attack53 249
Defense41 229
Spe Att69 276
Spe Def96 323
Type(s) :
Kinu's Protector ability is one of the best abilities currently available, making already bulky Temtem very hard to kill.

The Nature / Mental typing is also a very powerful aspect of Kinu, giving Kinu key resistances to Neutral, Melee, Nature, Earth and Water.

Kinu's supportive movepool is very large with control, healing and boosting options.
Kinu's has a weak physical bulk. A strong, super-effective physical attack can often OHKO it.

Its offensive movepool is also lacking, with only a single viable Mental STAB (Beta Burst), limiting its offensive capabilities despite a decent Special Attack

List and explanations of strategic sets :

This is a defensive pivot / support set. Kinu goes back and forth onto the field, bringing defensive boosts to its ally while using its resistances to take hits. It can also stay on the field, given a good matchup, to heal or boost its ally or Sleep the opponent.

- Beta Burst is Kinu's main STAB, dealing decent damage and threatening Melee and Neutral types.

- Revitalize allows Kinu to heal itself or an ally. Defenses boosts from Protector with the ability to heal can make some Temtem really hard to kill.

- Stone Wall adds up more bulk to already boosted Temtems. Its low priority can be quite useful when used with or against a Nagaise's Deceit Aura.

- Hypnosis allows to outspeed and put slower Temtem to Sleep.

Displayed TVs make up for Kinu's poor physical bulk, allowing it to pivot easier. Thanks to the Defense investment, Kinu can survive some powerful super-effective physical attacks like Gyalis' Crystal Bite or Tuvine's Crystal Plume Gatling.

A 190 TVs investement in Special Attack allows Kinu to heavily pressure Neutral and Melee types, making it able to OHKO Skunch with Beta Burst.

Grease increases Kinu's strength as a pivot, allowing it to switch out while ignoring enemy Cages or Vulffy's Handcuffs.
Option(s) :
• Snare is another powerful gear option given's Kinu ability to come and go onto the field. A well placed switch in can remove a key item onto the enemy team, like Vulffy's Handcuffs.

• Speed investment can help outspeeding faster threats using Hypnosis.

• Turbo Choreography is not used in this set, just like it is not that much used in the current metagame : with less Wind types around, and also less Temtem that can really make use of the extra Speed (Volarend and Granpah mainly) it isn't that useful to run.
Avantage(s) :
Like Raize, Kinu can have a great impact on the game only by switching in and out to use its ability.

This set has a balanced bulk, allowing Kinu to easily take hits from most attacks that aren't super-effective.
Warning :
Beware Kinu's weaknesses that weakens it and reduce its ability to pivot in and out.
Partners :
Partenaire de Kinu : This is probably Kinu's best mate, getting Special Defense boosts from it while also getting the Revitalize synergy plus Kinu's ability to heal it, making it really hard to KO.

Generally speaking, Kinu can fit in multiple teams because it is a safe lead option thanks to the defensive boosts it brings on the first turn.
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