Vulcrane's characteristics :

HP76 464
Stamina65 156
Speed73 283
Attack74 285
Defense86 306
Spe Att64 268
Spe Def35 219
Type(s) :
Great physical bulk thanks to its high HP and Defense.
Its unique Fire / Earth typing makes Vulcrane the best check to Fire and Crystal types.

On the offensive side, Vulcrane has a high Attack, a high Speed, and its Vigorous ability which can help him dealing huge burst damage when overexerting.
While the Earth secondary typing makes Vulcrane really good at walling Cristal and Fire types, it also brings a Nature neutrality and a Melee weakness, which can be easily exploited by Gyalis, without mentionning the double Water weakness which stops Vulcrane from staying against any Water move in the game.

Vulcrane's Special Defense is abysmal, making it really sensitive to special moves that are not resisted.

The lack of a good physical Fire STAB also hinders it offensively.

List and explanations of strategic sets :

This is a tank set, primarly focused around countering most Crystal and Fire types in the metagame. Vulcrane's main goal here is to use its resistances to gain momentum and start attacking.

- Stone Ball is Vulcrane's main STAB against Crystal and Fire types. Its low priority isn't really an issue, given the fact that this set barely has any Speed investment.

- Embers deals less damage compared to Stone Ball, but hits Nature types super-effectively. It generally deals decent damage on most opponents resisting Stone Ball because of the Burn damage.

- Ninja Jutsu is a very high priority move that can deal decent damage with the Vigorous ability. It can also outspeed some faster Temtem.

- Earth Wave, after a few turns, allows Vulcrane to hit both enemy Temtem at once, ensuring it deals decent damage depending on team composition, and can decimate some 2v2 matchups.

Vulcrane's TV spread is pretty straightforward : HP and Attack are invested to the maximum. 5 Speed TVs are gained thanks to TV optimization, allowing Vulcrane to gain an additionnal Speed point. This Speed point is fairly handy as it allows Vulcrane to outspeed maximum Speed Gyalis with Ninja Jutsu, if necessary.

Energy Drink is a key item, making Vulcrane Immune to Hypnosis, and most notably the Sleep from Gyalis' Haito Uchi so it can hit it with Stone Ball. Without this item, Vulcrane cannot beat Gyalis.
Option(s) :
• The last move slot is fairly flexible : Extinction (with the Talisman gear) can be used in more Stall-oriented teams, while Wake Up can be a decent support option to break Bamboozle and Sleeps on demand.
Avantage(s) :
Best counter in the current metagame to Valash, Zenoreth and all Fire types.

Can win its duel against Gyalis, thanks to Energy Drink.

Good lead if it has a favorable matchup.
Warning :
It is generally advised to ban the opposite Water type if you wanna pick Vulcrane.
Partners :
Partenaire de Vulcrane Partenaire de Vulcrane Partenaire de Vulcrane : These make good partners to form a defensive core with Vulcrane, given the fact they resist Water moves and have a relatively good special bulk. Kalabyss and Nidrasil are especially good in this regard because they are immune to Poison from Ukama's Water Cannon and Nidrasil's Allergic Spread. Kinu can heal and boost Vulcrane's Defenses, which can help it staying healthy for longer to threaten the opposite Temtem it checks.
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