Zenoreth's characteristics :

HP71 452
Stamina35 128
Speed56 255
Attack67 273
Defense87 307
Spe Att65 270
Spe Def69 276
Type(s) :
Zenoreth is the hardest-hitting special sweeper in the game currently, thanks to its Channeler ability along with Madness Buff setup.

Its HP, Defenses and its better defensive typing makes it bulkier than Valash, which fills a similar role.
Despite a better power and bulk, Zenoreth remains inferior to Valash because of its lacking Stamina and its bad Speed.

Zenoreth as no other offensive move than Crystal Spikes.

List and explanations of strategic sets :

This is a special wallbreaker set, dealing huge damage to the enemy Temtem that are weak or neutral to Crystal.

- Madness Buff allows Zenoreth to set up, becoming extremely bulky on the special side and allowing it to 2HKO most of the metagame with Crystal Spikes.

- Crystal Spikes is the main STAB of the set, dealing huge damage thanks to its base power, STAB bonus, and Channeler ability.

- Footwork helps with Speed issues, allowing Zenoreth to outspeed most of the metagame, especially +2 Pigepic.

- Rend is mostly used because of the lack of better options. This move can be used on an enemy switch in to remove a Crystal resistance (e.g. against a Fire or Earth Temtem).

Displayed TVs maximizes Zenoreth's power and bulk, while giving it a decent Speed.

50 TVs in Stamina makes Zenoreth able to use Crystal Spikes twice without overexerting.
70 TVs in Speed allows Zenoreth to reach the 129 Speed tier with priority, allowing it to strike before an enemy Pigepic's Bamboozle. If the opposite Pigepic boosts its Speed, Footwork can help Zenoreth in keeping that Speed advantage.
Spare TVs are spent into HP, making Zenoreth very bulky, surviving moves like +2 Haito Uchi from Gyalis.

Energy Drink is a key item, especially when considering Zenoreth's poor Speed stat. It stops Hypnosis users from controlling Zenoreth.
Option(s) :
• An alternative TV spread of 135 HP / 320 Speed allows Zenoreth to outspeed max Speed Gyalis and Ukama. However, Valash is better in all regards in this niche, given the fact that it can reach that Speed tier with a much lower investment, making it bulkier compared to Zenoreth.
Avantage(s) :
Once Zenoreth is set up, it represents a big threat for your opponent's team.
Warning :
Very easy to predict (Crystal STAB).

Unlike Valash, Zenoreth doesn't have any form of HP recovery after using Madness Buff, and its poor Stamina stat along with no Stamina efficient moves prevents it from staying on the field for long.
Partners :
Partenaire de Zenoreth, Partenaire de Zenoreth : Bamboozle support helps Zenoreth setting up safely.

Partenaire de Zenoreth : Kinu brings boosts to Zenoreth already big Defenses. It can also help it recover lost HP from Madness Buff.
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