Luma ?

TVs distribution :

Spe Att
Spe Def
TOTAL Remaining Vs :
Bestial Charge A primal charge, like a stampede on the Kisiwa plains! It inflicts damage on the whole team. 55 20 1
Cage In you go, Nick! Everyone on the battlefield gets [Status:Trapped]Trapped for 2 turns. 0 23 1 None
Confiscate Gimme all your stuff! The target is [Status:Seized]Seized for 3 turns. 0 7 None None
Fierce Claw Raw as untamed Temtem and unstoppable as a Kisiwan stampede. 71 13 None None
Heavy Blow Effective and unsubtle, like a Tucmani mine drill. 58 11 None None
Held Anger All that suppressed rage keeps building up... until it bursts in a nova of wrath. 130 12 3 None
Inner Spirit It is said this technique channels the spirit of a long-lost, draconic variety of Temtem, for massive damage. 170 23 2 None
Lullaby Twinkle, twinkle little Tem / Whole team falls [Status:Asleep]Asleep for 2 turns... 0 27 2 None
Major Slash This blow targets the enemy's weak spot for massive damage. 150 33 1 None
Nibble Many Temtem have this habit of gently chewing plants or furniture. This is a little less gentle. 37 7 None None
Noxious Bomb This nasty stinker inflicts [Type:Toxic] damage... Just don't use it in the elevator... 100 20 None None
Perfect Jab Strike smarter, not harder. Weak, but enemy get DEF[-]. 40 15 None None
Rage The red mist makes a Temtem brutal but also careless, getting ATK[++] and DEF[--]. 0 10 1 None
Rend While this technique does only moderate damage, it [Status:Neutralized]neutralises the target for 4 turns, buying you some precious time... 50 22 2 None
Sacrifice A Temtem may pay the ultimate price to heal the target of all Status conditions and give them DEF[++] and SPDEF[++]. 0 0 1 None
Sand Splatter A fistful of humble sand becomes a face full of dirty fighting. 35 7 None None
Scratch Almost any claw or nail can scratch the surface. Sometimes that's enough. 20 4 None None
Stone Ball The bane of exploring archeologists, this is a mighty Earth technique. 130 29 None
Tenderness Really? Are you going to attack something *this* cute? Inflicts ATK[-]. 0 3 None None
Turbo Choreography The ancestral dance of Deniz is a powerful ritual that bestows protection, SPD[+] for the whole team. 0 27 1
Wake Up Wake up and smell the coffee! Inflicts minimal damage but wakes up the target instantly. 1 0 None None
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